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  • In August I returned to my native Wichita, KS after being an expat in Amsterdam for two and a half years. This is my journey of repatriation, re-suburbanization and re-Americanization. This blog also chronicles the original trip to the Netherlands from Los Angeles, which is why it's named "Katrien", a Dutch version of my name, Karen. In all my time in Amsterdam I never met a single person named Katrien.

Queen's Day

  • On the Prinsengracht
    Every year on April 30th Holland celebrates Queen's Day in honor of the Queen's birthday. (Or her mother's birthday, since the Queen's birthday is in January.) Imagine Mardi Gras with canals, vast swaths of orange and miles of flea market stalls and you get a pretty vivid picture of one of the main holidays in the Netherlands. In the center of Amsterdam the crowds get so raucous that the locals routinely plan to be out of town for the festivities. "You can get stuck in the crush and not move for five hours," said a friend of mine who lives on the Singel and chose to split for the weekend.

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